Rockaway Flats Emergency Restoration

  • Client: New York City MTA
  • Location: Rockaway, NY
  • Project Cost: $45,000,000



In late 2012, the New York metropolitan area was hit by Superstorm Sandy, one of the most devastating natural disasters since Hurricane Katrina.  Hurricane Sandy caused billions of dollars in damage and impacted hundreds of thousands of people in the region.  Hit hardest were the Jersey Shore and coastal areas of Queens.

Two days after Sandy struck, the MTA contacted J-Track to perform emergency storm repairs on the A Line in the Far Rockaways.  The storm dumped 4,000 tons of debris on the tracks of the A Line.  The debris included massive items such as boats, jetskis and buoys.

J-Track’s forces mobilized immediately and through tireless efforts working non-stop, day and night, the area was restored and repairs could begin.  As a result of the efficiency and speed of J-Track’s forces, the MTA contracted us to perform the repairs immediately following the clean up.  Using over 12,000 tons of stone, and pouring over 3,000 cubic yards of concrete, the breached areas of track were contained and the track was restored.

At the Far Rockaways location, J-Track has since been involved in the repair of messenger cable lines, and the repair and replacement of signal cables.  Recognizing J-Track’s civil capabilities, the MTA has also contracted J-Track to repair, rebuild, and resurface over 6 miles of track and switches, remove and replace 20,000 linear feet of chain link fence, and create 2.5 miles of access roads.

In order to harden the structure and prevent damage from future storms, J Track installed over 2 ½ miles of 40’ long steel interlocking sheeting.