Rehabilitation of Six Bridges

  • Client: New York City Transit
  • Location: Staten Island, NY
  • Project Cost: $12,300,000



This project, for which J-Track was the General Contractor, consisted of rehabilitating six bridges for the Staten Island Railroad.

The six bridges, built in the 1930s, were in need of structural repair and renovations. New York City Transit (NYCT) provided a contract with 50 weekend shutdowns to complete the work. J-Track was able to complete the project using only 16 of the allotted weekend shutdowns. This extraordinary efficiency greatly mitigated the impact on the Transit Authority as well as the riding public.

The Rehabilitation of Six Bridges presented a unique set of challenges. The existing deck of the Bay Street bridge was so deteriorated that it would not accept a new waterproofing membrane adhered to it. The design called for a temporary railroad track structure to be built to allow for the staged placement of a new concrete deck, which would accept waterproofing materials. J-Track, using innovative scheduling and planning, was able to eliminate the temporary railroad structure.

The procedure involved the removal of the existing track, exposing the deteriorated concrete bridge surface below. J-Track poured a new reinforced concrete slab, sandwiching the old slab. This allowed for a clean structural surface to waterproof. The process was a tremendous success. The schedule called for this particular aspect of the work to be completed over 13 weekend shutdowns. However, J-Track’s ingenuity and creativity ensured that the work was completed over only six weekend outages.