Maintenance of Way Repair Facility

  • Client: MTA Long Island Rail Road
  • Location: St Albans, NY
  • Project Cost: $11,160,000
  • Start Date: 5/2008
  • End Date: 12/2009


The project involved the construction of two new pre-engineered structures. The work included embedded and ballasted track work, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, mechanical, and interior finish work.  Contaminated soil at the work site required soil remediation.  Additional work included the construction of drainage structures and helical pile concrete foundations.

The main structure was a 15,000 sf addition to an active repair facility.  J-Track’s work included the demolition of existing structures, excavation, new foundation construction, all structural concrete work and the installation of new ballast track leading into and through the facility.

The maintenance facilityequipment included a 60-ton overhead gantry crane system and a 5-ton jib crane.  J-Track installed track leading to and from the facility, and also embedded track within the facility. The cars entered the building through large roll-up doors on either side.  New installations within the facility included an exhaust mitigation system, frog welding equipment, a meter reading system, washing/cleaning equipment and new sprinkler, fire alarm, HVAC, lighting and electrical systems.

A new hydro-vac system was also installed.  This system started with a new drainage system in the middle of the facility’s floor.  Contaminated water drained through the floor to a small pit.  From the pit, the hydro-vac system burned off the water, leaving only the oil filament for disposal.